67% of online sales now happening via ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and iHaveit.

Consumer buying habits are quickly changing, with 67% of online sales now happening via ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and iHaveit.

It is getting harder for independent record store web sites to be seen and to compete with marketplaces because 67% of consumers prefer buying from marketplaces.

Like it or not, consumers want one single place to search, click and buy products, which is why marketplaces are consuming buying demand. Below explains how iHaveit resolves this ever-growing challenge for record stores.

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In response to buyers growing preferences, record stores are moving to Omnichannel selling models, which is the integration of physical instore sales (offline) and digital channels such as web sites and marketplace sales, meeting customers where they want to shop.

However, many record stores do not know how to list their inventory on marketplaces or lack the time to list and manage online sales, and many stores have tried marketplaces but do not know how to manage policies, in many cases resulting in stores being suspended. iHaveit resolve these issues for record stores.

iHaveit is an omnichannel tool. iHaveit takes record stores web site data, inventory or Discogs inventory files and automatically syncs the inventory across many marketplaces, adding new inventory and removing sold inventory real time, across many platforms. iHaveit enables record stores to immediately and easily list, sell and ship inventory with iHaveit managing marketplace(s) setup, listings, sales processes, polices and sales rules. iHaveit send the sales orders to ship, enabling stores to focus on running the physical side of the business.

Attached is a copy of our iHaveit ERA presentation outlining how iHaveit help sellers increase monthly sales.

Most record stores increase their monthly sales by 20% within 60 days getting started.

There are no iHaveit fees to join or list, or to promote inventory across marketplaces.

Record Stores only pay a 8.9% sales commission for items sold by iHaveit. No other costs.  Lets get started!

  • Log into ihaveit.io
  • In the profile (top right), add your PayPal details
  • In the profile add your delivery rates,
  • Then go to profile and import your inventory (import my collection)Within 10 minutes you can be selling to 200million more buyers

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or need support

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