Record stores are reopening following the crazy year of CO19 risks and commercial restrictions.

Thousands of independent retailers are looking to supplement instore sales with online sales after the lockdown restrictions are lifted, to adapt to the risks and changing buying pattens of consumers, a report has revealed a shift in consumer habits, notably a drop in loyalty to brands, increased ease in answering questions about themselves, and a sharp rise in online shopping.

After Discogs, iHaveit has become the go to marketplace to support independent and high street record stores achieve high volume online sales, by connecting Record Stores to over 200million buyers.

Bulltrax Records – Clearwater,FL, USA – Fred Bullard says
“Partnering with iHaveit has been a huge success. Their system easily imported our 150,000 item used vinyl inventory and drastically increased our volume of online sales by exceeding our volume on other well known platforms like Amazon. I highly recommend iHaveit to my fellow record shop owners.”

Bull Trax Records has an inventory of nearly 150,000 used LPs, CDs and 45s specializing in obscure and hard to find titles. and iHaveitstore7350
Beverly Records – Chicago USA  – Jack Dreznes says
iHaveit has been a lifesaver for Beverly Records during the lockdowns and shutdowns. We have tripled our mail order business and have recommended the site to other sellers.

Trying to list our extensive inventory on eBay or Discogs would have taken forever on our own, but IHaveit automated the process to easily process orders and receive immediate payment.

Beverly Records have an extensive collection of over 57,000 used records, a family focused business since 1967
Acoustic Soup – Chorley,Lancashire UK – Ken Williams says
From a standing start what you have achieved is remarkable and you are now our favourite partner and our preferred route to the vinyl collectors market.

You have boosted our sales by 25% and enabled us to reach a demographic that in the past has been elusive to us.

The systems and processes are user friendly and there are none of the usual nagging doubts about if and when we’ll get paid. Payments are quick and trouble free. Anyone selling vinyl or any other music media needs to be with iHaveit.

Acoustic Soup has over 71,000 records,  they are dealers in rare & collectable vinyl records. and iHaveitStore34


It takes just a few minutes to join iHaveit. Just drag and drop your Discogs file or other inventory sheet onto iHaveit and we can promote you to our 200milion buyer network.

Let iHaveit take you to the center of the web sales world, overnight. Click here to learn more or get started,

Or follow these quick and easy steps to get started.

1.      Create an account or log into iHaveit

2.      Add your PayPal details so we can pay for sold items

3.      Add your delivery charges so iHaveit increases your sales price to include delivery costs

4.      Bulk import your Discogs file or other inventory collection file

Please contact me if you would like to organise a call to learn more. You are welcome to contact us at [email protected] if you require assistance.


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