Record Stores are transforming or closing. Adapting to thrive

Things change, coal ovens stopped selling when the electric oven was invented. Fax machine companies disappeared with the invention of the eMail. Telephone landlines stopped selling with the invention of cellphones. Markets and consumers adapt as technology advances. Record Stores are adapting very quickly, to having both physical shop sales and web sales.

Many companies help record stores create web sites, but these web creators do not tell the record stores that it can take 10 years to gain sustainable sales from your own web site and it is very time consuming to keep the web sites up to date. Creating false hope. iHaveit help record stores reach 200million buyers on the day of joining our platform, we help record stores immediately transform the successful balance of having a physical shop and online sales presence.

Like it or not, the retail industry transformation is happening right now. Main street shopping chains and independent record stores are collapsing every week, simply because they do not know how to adapt and support both in shop and web presence sales, or because they are like ostriches with their heads in the sand, hoping the issue will go away.

Consumers love going to record shops to buy rare hard to find records, but the truth is most record collectors are now buying more and more of their collections on the web. This is witnessed by the demise of significant long term retail brands. It just got worst because the CO19 issues have forced consumers to buy essentials, gifts and collectables from the web. This forced education of buying online was a necessity of CO19, which is now a fast and easy way for most consumers forever!

I had the misfortune of a record store owner recently telling me how he will never promote on web marketplaces like eBay “out of principle”. He said he wants to do his part to protect brick and mortar stores. I finished the call thinking to myself his family will go through the motions of helping him box up and close his store in a couple of years as his costs v/s profit are no longer sustainable. He will be able to sit at his home with his principles intact, looking at his bills that still come in every month. My point is simple, record stores can sell in store and sell on line, BOTH to adapt and thrive, as the change is happening now.

Harsh to read, and harder for the old school record stores to accept, but it is real life, like the electric oven store owners that would not sell electric ovens out of principle, his store longer exists. The issue is how to transform quickly and cheaply without pain, costs, or problems.

It is very clear why Discogs, Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces are enjoying record level sales growth over the last year. Necessity of consumers to buy over the CO19 period focused this transformation. The truth is Discogs is also becoming crowded with many sellers offering similar stuff to their 460k users, meaning it will become harder to sell inventory without reducing prices (like Amazon). iHaveit resolve this challenge by connecting record stores and home sellers to over 200million buyers. We have more buyers than records available, a perfect fit for record stores.
The iHaveit Solution

iHaveit was created with the specific intent of helping Brick and Mortar record stores quickly achieve web sales, by leveraging 200million buyers.  We sell the records and give the record stores the sales orders and PayPal payments. As simple as that.

iHaveit compliments the desire of record stores to keep selling from a physical shop or from a home seller inventory. We enable business longevity by helping traditional Record Store achieve both shop and web sales.

As record stores and home sellers start to adapt and create their own web sites, they still fail to gain the desired web sales, simply because there are tens of thousands of web pages online selling similar records and web search engines have algorithms that promote preferred sellers. The truth is it can take 10 years to create a web site that has sustainable sales.

iHaveit immediately resolve this for issue for record stores by creating partnerships with leading sales Marketplaces, and promoting independent record store inventory to over 200million buyers, with expert algorithms that focus buyers to record collections.  We remove the 10-year cost and journey of building a successful web presence.

Check out our Discogs to iHaveit simple sales process.


Here is a quote from Daddypop

“We have worked closely with the team at iHaveit over the past year and it now forms a valuable part of our distribution strategy. Stock which moved slowly on the other platforms sells consistently well and the fulfillment process keeps our costs and administrative overhead to a minimum”

“For established sellers and Record Stores selling used Vinyl via eBay can be a challenge. iHaveit have successfully addressed this by translating the often arcane terminologies of the Vinyl Marketplace – where ‘Good’ does not mean Good – for example, to mainstream non-specialist buyers”

“We hold a fast moving stock of over 60,000 pre-loved titles across Vinyl and CD. Working with the Team at iHaveit automates the sales, inventory and fulfillment process, presenting our products to a much larger and wider global marketplace at the lowest possible cost and effort”

Andrew Fawcett, Founder


Let iHaveit take you to the center of the web sales world, overnight. Click here to learn more or get started,

Or follow these quick and easy steps to get started.

1.      Create an account or log into iHaveit

2.      Add your PayPal details so we can pay for sold items

3.      Add your delivery charges so iHaveit increases your sales price to include delivery costs

4.      Bulk import your Discogs file or other inventory collection file

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